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Dr Justin Hughes is a consultant in Sport, Musculoskeletal and Trauma Rehabilitation Medicine. Justin graduated from Imperial College in 2000. He completed his specialist training in 2009.


He was doctor to the World Cup Winning England Women's Rugby team and has worked across a variety of elite and professional sports. Justin has held positions of leadership within his specialty, including Vice President of the Faculty of SEM and chairman of the Specialist Advisory Committee.  


He worked as a Trauma Rehabilitation Medicine consultant with the Defence Medical Services. He specialised in the treatment, management and rehabilitation of severely injured service personnel over several years. He continues this work with a number of leading law firms in managing severely injured patients and clients. 

Justin is active on social media and was founder of The Sport Doctor. He presents a podcast and YouTube channel looking at topical areas in sports medicine, injury and human performance.

The Sport Doctor 

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The Sport Doctor on Youtube

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